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Online and in Chesham

Online and in Chesham

People come to therapy for all sorts of reasons.
My Approach

Working as an integrative practitioner means that I draw from several theories of practice. I believe each person is wholly unique and what works for one person may not for another. At the foundation of all my work is our relationship, a safe, confidential space in which we can explore together what you’re going through.

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What Does Therapy With me Look Like?

I invite you to show up as you are; whether you are struggling, anxious, depressed, or angry, and it is my job to hold a safe, non-judgemental space. Whatever you come with, I will meet you there, and we will go at the pace and direction that you are comfortable with. 


It may be that you know what you are coming to therapy for, but it also might not be clear. You may just feel that things are not quite right - and that’s ok. There is no criteria for coming to therapy.

Life can be messy, and we can feel lost. We can experience pain, stress, and anxiety. We can struggle with our self esteem, finding meaning in the world, or where we fit into it. We may be grieving those that we’ve lost and we can be thrown off course by life’s events.


But our experience can change, our biggest struggles can have less of a hold on us, and we can experience more joy and peace.

Heather Holden, Hackney Therapist and Counsellor
Therapist Accreditation

I have an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute. I have a clinical diploma in integrative psychotherapy, also from Metanoia. 


I am a member with UKCP (one of the governing bodies who monitors ethical practice for counsellors and psychotherapists). My work is fully insured and supervised by a senior practitioner.

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What Will Happen When You Get in Touch?
Coming to therapy for the first time can be daunting, I am here to support you and answer any questions you may have.

Use the form below, or email me about what you’re looking for.

We will arrange an initial call for a more in-depth chat about what's going on for you and how I work. This chat is for us to find out whether you feel comfortable with me and whether I can help.

If we agreed to work together I would see you for 50 minute sessions at a regular time weekly. Working with me can be for a short, fixed, term, such as 12 sessions, or longer, more-open ended if we agreed that together.

Send me a Message

Get in touch below or email me at

I aim to respond to all e-mails within two working days.

Where are you looking for therapy?
Therapy in London

I see clients in London at

City Therapy Rooms

33 Furnival St, London EC4A 1JQ

Sessions are usually 50 minutes weekly and are £80.

Therapy in Chesham

I see clients in Chesham at

The Bagnall Centre

71-79 Waterside, Chesham HP5 1PE

Sessions are usually 50 minutes weekly and are £60.

London an Chesham
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